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solo six
Published: October 24 2013


Six visions. Six intersections.
At Yellow Cube, we will hold a photo exhibition of six photographers who have come together at "solo six".
There will be no common theme and each will develop one by showing wide-format printing.
The instant film which has become an image visualization, represents the source of these works.
Please see how the works will emerge from here, and how the works of six will intersect in one space.

The shape of months spent with given flowers_ Ryo Ichii
Infinitely changing expressions_ Yuji Ono
Kyouka-suigetsu(鏡花水月)_ Tomokazu Sasaki
Mother Ocean. Goddess River.
Comforting like a blending soda float_ Akiko Sameshima
Cutting out a fragment of a never ending flow_ Isao Hashinoki
..and stepping into the murmurs of the forest_ Munetaka Harada

【Artists】  Ryo Ichii, Yuji Ono, Tomokazu Sasaki, Akiko Sameshima, Isao Hashinoki, Munetaka Harada

全文提供:Yellow Cube
会期:22 Nov - 1 Dec 2013
時間:Mon - Fri 12:00-21:00 Sat & Sun 12:00-19:00
会場:Yellow Cube
Last Updated on November 22 2013

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