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METAMORPHOSIS - Objects today:Formation of "something like"
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Published: May 31 2009

Takaaki IZUMI "untitled" (2008); Paper bag, paints, and wire copy right(c) Takaaki IZUMI

Takahiro KAMIMURA "about BB bullet" (2008); polyester resin, fibreglass, lacquer paints, and urethane painting h88xd88xw88cm copy right(c) Takahiro KAMIMURA

The third series of project exhibition "METAMORPHOSIS - Objects today", entitled "Formation of "something like" introduces the works of 2 artists, Takaaki IZUMI (b.1975) and Takahiro KAMIMURA (b.1980) who are the youngest artists in the first half in one's thirties in this project exhibition series. The curator of this exhibition is Kazuo Amano who is the chief curator of Toyota Municipal Museum of Art.

Last Updated on July 25 2009

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