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METAMORPHOSIS - Objects today: Vol.2 Transmutable objects
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Published: May 30 2009

Motohiro TOMII "Gold finger" (2007); thumbtack, 181.5×181.5×0.1cm, photo by Masaru Yanagiba, copy right(c) Motohiro TOMII

Nobuhiro NAKANISHI "Stripe Drawing-Tokushima Sky" (2008); pencil on paper 500x2170cm, photo:Hidefumi Morimiya, photo from "IWANO MASAHITO" at Tokushima Modern Art Museum, copy right(c) Nobuhiro NAKANISHI

The second series of project exhibition "METAMORPHOSIS - Objects today", entitled "Transmutable objects" introduces the works of 2 artists, Motohiro TOMII (b.1973) and Nobuhiro NAKANISHI (b.1976) who both actively produce works respectively in Kanto and Kansai. The curator of this exhibition is Kazuo Amano who is the chief curator of Toyota Municipal Museum of Art.

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