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Editor's Note
Written by Takeshi HIRATA   
Published: September 13 2011


The exhibition of the Giclee print works by three popular manga artists; Hisashi EGUCHI, Jiro TANIGUCHI, and Taiyo MATSUMOTO. They produced the works based on their each original manga picture. The Giclee print is a duplicate print technique which digitalizes the data of an original picture and reproduces the color faithful to the original picture by 7 colors.

Exhibition of Jigure print works, based on the three popular cartoonists, Hisashi Eguchi, Jiro Taniguchi and Taiyo Matsumoto. Jigure print is a print work made by digitizing the original print work, using 7 colors on printing, it shows the truly color of the original work. Japanese painter, Tatsuo Takayama and Masashi Ozaki(Print House OM), the veteran in printing, who produce the painting of Kaii Higashiyama, are producers of these print works.

Hisashi Eguchi, Jiro Taniguchi and Taiyo Matsumoto are popular cartoonists at all ages. I don’t know why to do the group exhibition of these three. Maybe the reason are Eguchi does a lot of illustration work, Taniguchi and Matsumoto ‘s style of painting are influenced by Bande Dessinee, show us the high level of the painting work on these one completed picture.

Hisashi Eguchi is exhibiting “Stop! Hibari-kun! ” , the serial manga which started 30 years ago. Also, you can see the work used as the album jacket of Ginnan BOYZ(rock band) “Kimi-to-bokuno-daisannjisekaitaisenntekirenaikakumei(You and My Third world war-of revolutional romance)”.

From Taiyo Matsumoto’s print works, you can see illustrations works of “Tekkin Konkurito”. Also, you can see the work used on ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION’s single jacket “Arumachi-no-gunsei”, which was released as the theme song of “TEKKON KINKREET”(2006) animation movie.

Jiro Taniguchi maybe hasn’t general celebrity comparing from the other 2. But, he is a popular cartoonist in the overseas, mainly in France, with the sophisticated style of painting influenced by Bande Dessinee. This year he has been awarded the Chevalier, medal of Arts and Culture, sent by the French government for the person who contributed to the creation of art and culture. In this exhibition, you can see print works used as a book jacket on “Kamigami-no-Sannryou” wrote by Baku-Yumemakura and “Jikenya-kagyou” wrote by Natsuo Sekikawa.

Needless to say, these three cartoonists Eguchi, Taniguchi and Matsumoto have their unique world, acknowledge of drawing with high technique and description.

(Translated by skjurac)

Last Updated on October 31 2015

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