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Project by SANYO SHOKAI and more trees introduce the latest work by Takashi Kuribayashi at ART FAIR TOKYO 2011
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: July 27 2011

"one of parts", 2011, edition 15
Courtesy of Takashi Kuribayashi
Photo by Sayuki Inoue

A joint charity project by SANYO SHOKAI LTD. and more trees introduce the latest works by Takashi Kuribayashi (b. 1968, http://www.takakuri.net) at ART FAIR TOKYO 2011. A part of the sales is contributed to more trees for the construction of wooden temporary shelters in the East Japan earthquake areas.

One of the introduced works are Torso & wooden penguin courts hand-made by the workmen of SANYO Sawing, Aomori. The other is a solid work that makes the best use of king penguin's shape.

Last Updated on July 26 2011

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