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Gallery Ort Project
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Published: August 05 2011

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Opened in April of 2011 by Biwako Sosui near Heian Jingu Shrine, Kyoto. “Ort” means “place” in German. This “place” is managed by various kinds of students in Kyoto.

The gallery is a kind of project to search, through thinking and experiments, for an answer to the questions, “How do artists live as artists? What should they do?” We can expect to see what is going on this “Ort” in the relations of young artists with society.

“Ort” regularly holds exhibitions by young artists as well as by veteran artists. “How have they lived as artists?” Works by experienced senior artists will become examples for younger artists. This is a unique attempt to have an exchange and network between various generations through art.

It also plans to have a rental space, exhibitions, workshop events, art projects, regular publications, and other events in the future.

In the area along the Biwako canal that transforms in spring into a row of cherry blossoms, there is also a cafe and a restaurant. We can enjoy art along with the change of the seasons in Kyoto.

Address: M&M's apertment 1F, 84 Tenno-cho, Okazaki-nishi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone: +81-(0)75-201-9631
Open: 12:00 - 20:00
Website: http://www.gallery-ort.info/ (Japanese)

Last Updated on August 01 2011

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