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Published: June 17 2011

Courtesy of the artist and ZERO Stage / masashi_furuka

August, 2011. Deep Impact in Yokohama.

So what about radiation.
We have Eroguro.

Leave home and get yourself up, tough guys. Wet not your pillow, but your cleft of Venus, maiden girls.
Up‐and‐coming artists tempt a contemporary, also a future.

The purpose of this exhibition
-The purpose of this exhibition In contemporary postmodern society, the merits of what was previously termed "subculture" and what was known as the "main culture" are disappearing somewhat.

Meanwhile, the framework of contemporary art has become ambiguous and chaotic, as it tries to incorporate a huge and diverse representative body of work.

It is under these circumstances, that even within its own "subculture", Eroguro is becoming more and more contemporary and mainstream. As such the aim of this exhibition is that we would like to review this genre, re-represent and find new interpretations "Eroguro" - as we see it, and find a future for it.

ZERO Stage / Annna Hoshino / Akihisa Chiba / Rie Amamiya / Rie Sawada / Yoshikazu Hiramatsu / nonnow naruse / Devimaru / TAIKEI / Aokiharu / Mika Watanabe / eitaroh / yuksey / Reiko / Kozue Yamamoto / masashi_furuka

* The text provided by ZERO Stage / masashi_furuka.

Duration: Saturday, August 20 - Friday, August 26, 2011, 15:00 - 22:00
Venue: artmania cafe gallery yokohama (3-122 Nogecho nakaku Yokohama Kanagawa)

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