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Takeshi NAGASE: ALIVE -super painting-
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Published: May 09 2011

"tkyo", 2010, aclyric on canvas, 100×100cm
Courtesy of the artist and YOKOI FINE ART
Copyright © Takeshi Nagase

Nagase Takeshi is the painter who paints animate things with only an airbrush. He creates the work based on the photograph. The work keeps a photographic reality though it is considerably expanded than actual size. In this exhibition, we will exhibit his about 10 new works which are themed on women’s faces including drawing works. When the viewers meet the person composed of accumulation of pigment, various feelings come up in their minds.

Pure surprise at his technique for photo-realism.
Confusion for facing the eyes painted softly and deeply.
Sympathy for her personality read from her vivid expression.

In classical realism painting, women model is the symbol of objective beauty. Also mind seems to exude from their expressions he expressed, because models have relationship to the artist actually. He takes a photo of familiar person and paint it on the canvas. In this process, there are interactive viewpoints from the artist and the mode and something emotional and something personal intervene in his works. So feelings that happen when you face Nagase's work might similar to puzzlement and impression we get when we actually meet "Persons".

But Nagase said these response are not produced purposely. It is not the aim of expression but just a objective plan for him to select the model, take a picture and trimming it.

For this reason, he has ranges in figures and compositions.
A beautiful profile in soft sunlight.
Lively smile expressing her emotions directly.
There is no answer in these various expressions.
So the women he paints have “reality” and it can be “encounter” with the work.

* The text provided by YOKOI FINE ART.

Dates: June 3 - 25, 2011

Last Updated on June 03 2011

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