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Yukihiro Taguchi, performance from MAMP014 with Genryu shiba taikoren
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Published: April 23 2011

Reference image: Moment-performative spazierens, Installation, coming out of the window (waldemerstrasse, Berlin at galereie air garten), 2008, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Photos: Taguchi Yukihiro
Courtesy of the artist and MORI ART MUSEUM

Yukihiro Taguchi (b. 1980, belongs to Mujin-to Production) will hold an open production of the latest work in progress and a performance show with Genryu shiba taikoren at 14:00 - 14:30 on Saturday, April 23, at the venue of his solo exhibition "MAM Project 014: TAGUCHI YUKIHIRO" in MORI ART MUSEUM. His solo exhibition at Mujin-to Production is also on going.

Last Updated on April 22 2011

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