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Takeshi Tamai:Gravity Tortoise
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Published: October 25 2008

"Untitled rocket" (2008), mixed media (The size is changeable). copy right(c) 2008 Taimei Gallery

Tamai has always been creating his works by watching and observing the world within nature. As every rock has a different form, and as each wave transforms into different forms, nature is always unique and transforming. Thus, at times we can be inspired by its genuine beauty, and at times it can become a menace that forces human into great danger. A fence lofted on a craggy mountain, a sword pierced into a cacumina of a snow mountain; these are some of the works Tamai has created through photographs. Through these works, Tamai has always focused on creating art where nature, which could be a threat to human civilization, is described genuinely, whithout carrying any message or emotions to the viewers. Although the work is landscape photography, he rarely uses special equipment, and in some cases, he does not even look into the viewfinder to capture the moment. In this way Tamai expresses the flat and faint atmosphere of his works without claiming messages or emotions. By this approach, Tamai is shutting himself into nature and assimilating into nature itself, which is the major focus point of his works. However, this exhibition will focus on painting pieces which Tamai has been working on since last year. These works are painted onto a canvas which the surface is already coated, and the paint cannot be easily absorbed. Therefore the material of the paint itself is emphasized and creates a world as if the paint has its own will. The layers of paint which organically spread out onto the canvas, leaps away from the artist's will and creates a unique form as of nature. The consciousness of human, which bewilder, praise and live together in the restless and transforming world, is expressed using symbolic elements of straight lines and birds which are collaged on the painting. These fragmentary representations are drawn as if the layers of paint which resemble the form of nature overpower the aspect and consciousness of the human being. These abstract works of art will be interlaced together in layers to create an installation which as if will cover the entire gallery space. * The text provided by ZENSHI.

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