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AMPG Exhibition No.18: "SHIKI 4"
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Published: September 25 2008

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Shiki 4
All plant exist in an infinite form where it lives.
To express them is to set the rule in the environment they live and enclose them into it. The friction that arose between the infinity and the rule is the only possibility
to transcend the meaning of existance as it naturally is.
This series "Expression" is an experimental thoroughly to find the possibility. In "Expression", there are two keywords - one is "pine" (infinity), another "quadrangle" (rule).
The pine is most complex plant which has a power of forming beauty by itself
strong vitality, that is, a symbol of infinities. The "Shiki" series is formed in causing the setting friction
by enclosing the pine into a quadrangle of various as setting it in the rules. In a square vacuum, the pine is separated from ground that is the lifeline of the plant
and just stay there. In the "Shiki" series, the life of the plant conflicts with a friction between the infinity and the rule.
There is a grapple with the environment where it lives. Only tracks of friction and the grapple of the death are the sprouts of
the possibility of expressing the plant. ------------------
Number 18, titled "Shiki 4" The series pursuing beauty of plant which is born from friction of infinity and rule. In his 4th exhibition, Makoto Azuma found the beauty which stay in nothing in a work this time. *All text provided by AMPG.

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