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Published: March 24 2011

"Color Wind", 2011, 8mm, 10min
Copyright© Hiroyuki Oki

- Based on the [time-performance] Doctrine -

Hiroyuki Oki (born 1964 in Tokyo) began to make film art in the late 1980s while enrolled in the Department of Architecture at the University of Tokyo’s School of Engineering. A year after graduation, he created“Swimming Prohibited,”which won the Special Juror’s Prize at the 1990 Image Forum Festival. In 1995, Oki was awarded the NETPAC Prize at the 46th Berlin International Film Festival for“HEAVEN-6-BOX”produced by the Museum of Art, Kochi. His works have garnered critical acclaim, and Oki has been invited to screen his works at various film festivals including the Sundance Film Festival, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival.

Oki’s creative expression is not limited to film, but also includes live screening, installation, bodily performance, drawing, and painting. In recent years, he has been participating in many group exhibitions, both in and out of Japan, including:“How Latitudes Become Forms: Art In a Global Age”(Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA / Sandretto Rebaudengo Art Foundation, Turin, Italy, 2003),“Roppongi Crossing”(Mori Art Museum, 2004),“The Door into Summer: The Age of Micropop”(Art Tower Mito, 2007), and“Out of the Ordinary” (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, USA, 2007). Last year, he held a solo exhibition, “Hiroyuki Oki Exhibition: Dream of Architecture”at the“WATARI-UM on Sundays”. Oki has consistently been a recognized figure in the contemporary art scene.

The upcoming show will be his first solo exhibition in the past three years. Entitled “ROADSHOW̶Based on the Doctrine ̶,”this exhibition will be composed of works selected from the more than 100 video pieces taken in over 25 years of Oki’s creative efforts. It is anchored by three series that were selected by the artist as those that play an important role in outlining the framework of his activities. A program structured around these three major themes will be screened, and it will also include some unique pieces and his newest work.

The three main series are as follows. The first is the“Matsumae-kun Series,”which was shot for more than 20 years every winter since 1989 in the Hokkaido town of Matsumae. These are diary-esque and unedited, resulting in feature-length films that established a unique style. The second series, represented by“Inside Mind,”is from his early and mid-term works that were filmed around Kochi prefecture, where Oki moved his center of activities in 1991. The third series, taken around Kagawa prefecture after Oki had moved from film to video, is the“Digi-series,”which was precisely edited around structures. In addition, Oki’s newest work, which is still in progress, will be shown with its latest edit during the latter half of the exhibition period. This show will allow viewers to follow the evolution of Oki’s work as an artist from his earliest periods to his current works, and at the same time offer a big-picture view of his work.

As seen from the title for the show, Oki regards this screening as a performance under finite time and space where there is a complex intertwining of light, footage, architecture, words, and active elements. This is his attempt to construct an overall performance considering the differences between a regular screening and the gallery’s exhibition period and space.

We hope you look forward to this exhibition which takes advantage of a gallery space and offers the first opportunity to view a compilation of Oki’s works. We appreciate your cooperation with the publicity for this exhibition, and thank you in advance for your kind support.

* The text provided by ARATANIURANO.

Period: March 23 - April 23, 2011

Last Updated on March 23 2011

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