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Hiroshi FUJI: Image of Hachijuro Fujishima
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Published: March 23 2011

Courtesy of mori yu gallery TOKYO

Hachijuro Fujishima is an imaginary character.
It is 'Teshima Island (The beautiful island locates on Seto Inland Sea)' that Hachijuro, who likes travelling and islands, choose as his final resting place.
He tries to do some activities for the district, but he is called by people around him as 'Worthless Hachijuro.'
He wants to be an artist of picture books, but he is slow in making a story and can't draw picture.
Hiroshi Fuji will exhibit the image that Hachijuro tries to make through the process to create Hachijuro's figure.
Check out the future of Hachijuro Fujishima!

* The text provided by mori yu gallery TOKYO.

Period: February 19 - March 26, 2011
Venue: mori yu gallery TOKYO

Last Updated on February 19 2011

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