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Published: March 03 2011


Opened in September of 1999 in Sanjo shopping street, Nakagyo-ku of Kyoto, GALLERY ARTISLONG has held special exhibitions,mainly of the contemporary arts, and a number of solo and group exhibitions for young artists.

Getting into the gallery from a lively shopping street, there is a settled and quiet space there. The feature of the gallery is an exhibition space different from the usual white cube; such as undressed concrete walls and brown floor. In addition, the spot garden in the corner of the site gives atmosphere of an old tradesmen's house in Kyoto.

The exhibition space where the present and the traditional elements are mixed, changes the expression at each exhibition. It is a gallery which is worth visiting regularly.

The artists who have exhivited in the past are; Makoto Kumagai, Yoshihisa Kitatsuji, Toshihiro Komatsu, Shinji Oka, Tamotsu Shiihara, and Naoya Yoshikawa.

Address: 670, Horikawa-nishihairu, Hashinishi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone: +81-(0)75-841-0561
Open: 12:00 - 19:00 (final day - 17:00), closed on Monday
Website: http://artislong.info

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