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Han Chao: Rhapsody for my Wretched Little Universe
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: November 08 2010

Courtesy of Zen Foto Gallery

This exhibition by Zen Foto is the first opportunity to see Han Chao`s photography outside of his native China. His work has been highly praised by notable photography commentators Tsai Meng of China and Kotaro Iizawa of Japan. I strongly recommend you this opportunity to see the fresh and exciting work of this young artist.

Two other notifications from Zen Foto:

1. Gaifos – we are planning the next meeting for Sunday 14th November for our informal gathering of professional photographers in Tokyo. An opportunity to share photographic ideas, opinion, networking and friendship over a glass or two of wine on a Sunday evening. Hope to see you there.

2. Shashi Bonenkai - In the final week of 2010 we will celebrate the year end with Shashin Bonenkai. The walls of Zen Foto will start empty and EVERYONE is invited to participate by bringing one photograph or photographic work which will be displayed during the week. First come first served and you can place your photograph where you like. We will run an optional blind auction for those who wish to participate and offer work for sale.

* The text provided by Zen Foto Gallery.

Opened dates: November 5 - 21, 2010

Last Updated on November 05 2010

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