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Published: November 24 2010


Gallery Caption opened in Gifu in 1985. In September 2003 it relocated its exhibition space to the current warehouse location on the renovated second floor of a former lemonade factory. Gallery Caption holds exhibitions and gallery talks several times a year. Its exhibitions make the best use of natural light transforming each exhibition into a unique space. You will be suggested to take time for opposite to the work exhibited there where feelings of a tension and a relief cohabit.

Among the represented artists are Shinji Ogawa, Yukio Fujimoto, Heechang Yoon, Shuko Terada, Koki Tanaka, Oscar Oiwa, Junko Kito, Fumie Sasai, Kenichiro Tanaka, Yumiko Naito, Masaki Kawada, and Katsunori Mizuno.

Address: Ito Warehouse, 3-12, Gyokusei-cho, Gifu
Phone: +81-(0)58-265-2336
Website: http://www.gallerycaption.com (Japanese)

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