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Zhang Yuming: The Stone Towers
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: September 25 2010

Courtesy of the artist and Zen Foto Gallery, copyright © Zhang Yuming

Zhang Yuming has embarked upon a project to document the ancient Buddhist stone towers of China. Zen Foto will show a selection of these works. These towers are centuries, sometimes millennia old. As we regard the photographs we sense the presence of many thousands of people who have visited, paused, prayed and meditated in front of these towers. The towers seem unchanging, but they are being aged by centuries of wind, rain, snow and sun.

We hope that these works will provide an opportunity to pause, reflect and refresh ourselves.

Zhang Yuming will come to Tokyo next week, accompanied by noted commentator Cai Meng. We will hold a reception from 3pm on Saturday 2nd October providing an opportunity to hear about the photography of Zhang Yuming and to discuss Chinese photography with Cai Meng.

* The text provided by Zen Foto Gallery.

Opened dates: September 25 - October 17, 2010

Last Updated on September 25 2010

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