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Masashi ASADA
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: September 23 2010

Courtesy of Masashi Asada

Born in Tsu, Mie in 1979, finished JAPAN INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY AND FILM in 2000. After working for Studio FOBOS from 2004, Asada became a freelance photographer in 2007. He received one of the most honorable phorography prizes in Japan, The Kimura Ihei Award by his "Asada Family" series in 2009.

The "Asada Family" series that had became a most important work for Asada, receives high acclaim as the work not only being a family record but suggesting a new possibility of photography to let us reconsider what a family and the history are.

Artist website: http://www.asadamasashi.com (Japanese)

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