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Yuki ONODERA: Into the Labyrinth of Photography
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: August 11 2010

Courtesy of the artist and Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, copyright © Yuki Onodera

Based in Paris, France, ONODERA Yuki (born 1962) is active as a photographer on the world stage. Mastering photographic techniques on her own, she first rose to prominence in photographic circles in 1991 when she won the 1st ‘New Cosmos of Photography Award’. Her visionary works, consisting of multiple superimposed images, were praised for their ‘value as enigma’, and the essence of her work became even more refined after she based herself in Paris in 1993. She has produced numerous series of highly creative photographs, receiving the 28th Kimura Ihee Award in 2003 for her photo-book, ‘cameraChimera’, then, in 2006, the Prix Niépce Award, France’s most prestigious photographic award.

The characteristics and charm of ONODERA’s work takes it beyond the general concept of photography. Supported by her endless curiosity, she boldly challenges the possibilities of photographic expression; sometimes she makes modifications to the camera, sometimes she uses collages, sometimes she captures the subject from an unexpected angle, sometimes she uses a computer to distort the image; the work she puts into a picture before she releases the shutter being equal to that of a three-dimensional artist. The results are then captured in a single photograph which she develops and prints herself to complete the photographic work.

Although ONODERA’s work captures images of the everyday world, she allows the viewer to experience a visual landscape that overwhelm stereotypes. Moreover, she possesses a unique humor and urbane sense that she uses to entice us into the labyrinth of her photographic world.

This exhibition will consist of approximately sixty works from nine series by ONODERA Yuki, including her earlier works as well as the ‘Transvest’ and ‘12 Speed’ series, which form part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography’s collection.

* The text provided by Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

Opened dates: July 27 - September 26, 2010

Last Updated on July 27 2010

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