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Published: July 21 2010

Courtesy of the artist and mori yu gallery TOKYO, copyright © Reika Nakayama

Solo exhibition of the paintings by Reika Nakayama (b. 1975).

Opened dates: July 24 - September 18m 2010

Last Updated on July 24 2010

Editor's Note by Takeshi HIRATA

You turn around and then find a redoubtable horrifying situation there; this is a typical pattern in the horror movie. I have thought at the screen many times that the person in the movie should thus not turn around. However, don’t worry. In this exhibition of Reika Nakayama, a scary event like this doesn't happen to you by no good luck. If anything, you will be given an unexpected surprise by the appearance of different space that comes to a rupture in screen, or the depth of the painting layer and the richness of painting. If there are fear and a tension in seeing a new thing, we are obliged to accept the situation given by her works with surprise.
What will you find there?

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