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2kw gallery
Written by Takeshi HIRATA   
Published: July 13 2010

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Opened in Kyomachi-bori, Osaka, in April 2010, as a gallery managed by artists, 2kw gallery has two exhibition spaces: the “2kw gallery” in which the light in Utsubo Park coming through the window is bright, and the other which is “2kw 58”. There, the gallery displays good quality art seen from the artist’s standpoint to the world.

There are a lot of problems in the environment surrounding contemporary artists economically and socially. For the current situation, 2kw gallery is an innovative artist-run-space which attempts to expand the acknowledgment of the contemporary art in the society, and to pursue a place where the isolated artists tie up with society.

Among the represented artists are Masahito Katayama, Keisuke Jimba, Yoshikazu Hayashi, Ayako Okuda, Naoko Oti, Yasuko Fujiwara, Fuyuji, So Shimada, Masafumi Nakagawa and Akiko Ueda.

Address: 5F, Fujiwara Bldg., 1-13-2, Kyomachi-bori, Nishi-ku, Osaka
Phone: +81-(0)6-6447-7886
Open: 12:00 - 19:00 (Saturday - 17:00), closed on Sunday
Website: http://www.2kwgallery.com (Japanese)

Last Updated on November 26 2010

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