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Akira KATAOKA: Hyperdimensional Art and "Hyotan-Jima"
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: July 12 2010

Courtesy of Ikeda Museum of 20th Century Art

Akira Kataoka is well known artist for his creation of muppets for TV muppet show called "Hyokkori Hyotan-Jima" (NHK, 1964-67) at "The Muppet Theater Hitomi-za". He has produced many art works besides making muppets for the "Hitomi-za" and presented his works at various galleries and museums. He is very fruitful and and his changing style of works are extraordinary. He has created the works crossing the border of 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions, characterized with his sense of humor.

Kataoka is self taught artist and started his career as a muppet maker. He has never belonged to any art movement or school and worked from his own point of view. His position as a muppet maker marginalized his works from the main stream of art world. However his influence on Japanese visual culture is so obvious that cannot be ignored considering the great success of TV muppet show called "Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima" featuring his muppets. His unique standpoint as an artist as well as a muppet maker enabled him to create astonishingly various type of works which surprised viewers with their tromp-l'oeil quality.

This exhibition presents his muppets and art works equally and aims to reveal Kataoka's extrraordinary power of creation.

The artist's official website: http://akirakataoka.com

* The text provided by Akira Kataoka, Archive project

Opened dates: July 1 - October 5, 2010

Last Updated on July 01 2010

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