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Published: June 25 2010

Bau 0861, 2009, C-print, 8.5 x 11cm, 3 + 2AP. 2010 © Takashi Suzuki. Courtesy Super Window Project, Kyoto.

Takashi Suzuki (1971) uses photography as a central element of his visual and conceptual strategies. Photography is his tool to extensively explore the surface and the structure of the image, the image intended as an object, and photography as a sculptural process.

“Bau” is the first project of the artist with Super Window Project. “Bau” is an off-site collaboration with RAD (Research for Architectural Development), Kyoto.

“Bau” consists of a series of hundreds photographs initiated in 2009. The ensemble is clearly conceived as a work in progress and an exercise revolving around the idea of architecture, architecture in its most radical definition, structure, construction, and of the central figure of the “building”. The title, borrowed from German, “bau”, clearly refers to the idea of building something, formally, and mentally. The series stands as a comment on the Bauhaus historically conceptual, creative and political attempt, on the modernist utopian subsidiaries and on the post-modernist statement, as a playful re-enactment. Suzuki extensively manipulates, experiments with soft, cheap, materials such as sponges, construction and isolating materials, rubbers, plastics chosen by the artist for their specific surface, color, shape... attributes; he then photographs these thousands of small archi-sculptures. “Bau” series reaches the limits of composition, association, and challenges the idea of series itself as well as the concepts of multiple, unicity, ensemble(s) grid and unity.

The "Bau" exhibition is also an opportunity to open the debate about the intricate, prolific and protean relationship between art and architecture, one of the main curatorial directions of Super Window Project, through the topic "Art into architecture, architecture into art" featuring MOMAT curator Kenjiro Hosaka, architect Akihiko Ono and artist Takashi Suzuki.

* The text provided by SUPER WINDOW PROJECT.

Opened dates: June 25 - July 25, 2010

Last Updated on June 25 2010

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