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Editor's Note
Written by Takeshi HIRATA   
Published: June 15 2010

What color do you see sunlight filtering down through the trees?  Kazuhito Tanaka takes a picture of the forest by using the transmitted light of gold foil, and fills the world with painting and fantastic blue.

The exhibition composes like the installation of making the best use of the blank of the wall by the works each set into a frame. The photograph is not directly hung on the wall, nor even flatly mounted with Plexiglas, but the frame is obviously needed to the installation. It is an exhibition space like "Forest" invented by not the sequence of a set of photos, but produced by a piece and the set. The "lght" is shone on us, works as a media of inviting us to the work as like the sunlight filtering down through the trees.

The Masudaya bldg. with 50 years history has an impressive remark. There are various shops and cafes there and I want to recommend "Suna-no-sho" (http://www.sablelivre.com/) if you like antiquarian books.

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