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Editor's Note
Written by Takeshi HIRATA   
Published: June 14 2010

Solo exhibition by Fumiko Shioga who realistically draws the forest, the flower, and the plant. "Garden" is the motif in this exhibition. The change of a moment] glow is drawn on the screen filled with green. In the solo exhibition held in Tokyo last year, the light and sunlight filtering down through the trees in the wood were drawn which express the light and shadow in scenery with a sense of distance.

However, I had an impression with many works which draw trees and the flower in the short distance in the exhibition. For instance, on the entire screen filled with green, the camellia with vivid flower blooms and the light are depicted in 'Camellia' (oil on canvas, 162.0×130.3cm, 2010). The screen covered with green of the leaf increases density, and we are forced to observe it like seeing an actual flower.

Shioga has held a solo exhibition in neutron tokyo in March, and the exhibition title is the same as this one. However, she exhibits the latest works this time. In neutron Kyoto 2F corridor, you can also see the works exhibited in neutron tokyo last time.

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