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Editor's Note
Written by Mizuki TANAKA   
Published: May 22 2010

It is an exhibition of the latest paintings and image works by Aida, which is recommended for the people who are interested in the contemporary art since it is the solo exhibition by one of the most famous artist in Japan. The exhibited works include an image work of the traditional special party stunt (of Aida’s alma mater) acted by a naked woman, a drawing like graffiti, a huge painting drawing the scenery where men’s corpses are piled up, and a painting to which the one like body fluid scatters on the copy of ten thousand yen bill covered on the wall.

The content is to consider the past of this artist, and the history of the contemporary art having been interpreted such as by Genpei Akasegawa, though the style might seemingly look like a bad joke. It might be a good idea to catch the works by the 21 century, Japanese version of Picasso who gave birth to the new wording after knowing the history of the art well, and was criticized, saying that "The picture drawn by a child".

It might also be the same as Picasso that Aida tries to conceal the fact which he reversely relies on the context of the art history though he criticizes the system of the contemporary art, and the fact which the works are understood and appreciated only by the people who knows well about the art history.

It is interesting to compare the past works by Aida exhibited in the exhibition currently held in Takahashi Collection Hibiya (till 8th August).

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