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Pawel Jaszczuk: Kinky City
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: June 09 2010

Courtesy of the artist and Zen Foto Gallery

Pawel Jaszczuk is a Polish photographer working in Tokyo. “Kinky City” is his series of work about the underground clubs of Tokyo. He writes about his work thus:

“The choice is huge: fetish parties, fetish bars, happening bars, private sex parties. The list of places, situations, events and people never ends. In Kinky city the fetish sex scene is so massive that it takes a long time to grasp the fire that pushes those adventurous and naughty boys and girls. People who look like real dolls, dolls who look like real people, hooks, dildos, ropes, leashes…”

Strong stuff, indeed! Do join us for the opening party from 7pm this Friday 4th June when Pawel will also be at Zen Foto Gallery. The exhibition runs through 20th June.

* The text provided by Zen Foto Gallery.

Opened dates: June 4 - June 20, 2010

Last Updated on June 04 2010

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