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Published: May 03 2010

"Untitled (9)" (2010), oil on canvas, 181.8×227.3cm, courtesy of the artist and ANDO GALLERY copy right(c) Ken NAKZAWA

Nakazawa was born in Tokyo in 1970, graduated from Department of Oil Painting and completed the Postgraduate Course, Tama Art University. Nakazawa participated in the group exhibition "MOT Annual 1999: Modest Radicalism" at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, in 1999, also joined "YOKOHAMA 2001: International Triennale of Contemporary Art" at Pacifico Yokohama, in 2001.

As an installation artist, Nakazawa has been receiving high-commendation for his installations. He composes installations with thin and wispy materials such as wires and nylon filaments, integrating them into a space of respective venues. Since 1992, Nakazawa has been pursuing representations of qualities and nuances of space through his installation works. However, in his solo show at ANDO GALLERY in 2008, Nakazawa exhibited painting works for the first time.

This exhibition, Nakazawa’s second show of paintings, introduces nine new works.
In his previous paintings, the lines evoke wires and nylon filaments, both of which had become such idiosyncratic features of his installations. In his newest paintings, however, the lines appear merely as boundaries of contiguous color. Moreover, the images seem to appear simpler with lesser elements. Nakazawa’s delicate and faintly tinged paintings suggest his new development.

* The text provided by ANDO GALLERY.

Opened dates: June 8 - August 28, 2010

Last Updated on June 08 2010

Editor's Note by Satoshi Koganezawa

This exhibition displays an installation featuring sticks of iron painted white that are set out in the hall. The sticks are arranged at almost equal intervals, like lines drawn on a canvas. It is serenely silent and makes us meditate on the space itself. Nakazawa is an artist who is well known for installation works. However, he also introduced paintings in last year's solo exhibition, which were produced with a strong consideration for the space. A painting is not included in this exhibition, and I would thus recommend the catalog issued by the gallery to refer to it.

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