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Hiro Gallery Izukogen
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Published: June 05 2010

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Opened in Ginza, Tokyo in 1975 as a gallery dealing with works selected carefully from the modern and contemporary ages, Hiro Gallery devotes its energies to each writer by carefully selecting its artists from old-timers to young artists, and promotes the works inside and outside the country. Recently Hiro Gallery exhibited the work of Cecco Bonanotte who produced a large bronze door for the Vatican Museums in 2000 and his solo exhibition "Cecco Bonanotte: Dante's La Divina Commedia" . He was the first living artist to exhibit a collection at Galleria degli Uffizi It was also noteworthy that the works of Chimei Hamada, another of the gallery's represented artists, were also exhibited at Galleria degli Uffizi - the first time this had happened with a Japanese artist. Among the represented artists are Chimei Hamada, Cecco Bonanotte, Hans Hinttereiter, Theodoros Stamos, Ugo Cortesi, Leonard Baskin, Pavel Trnka, and Shoko Imano.

Hiro Gallery
URL: http://www.hirogallery.com
Hiro Gallery Izukogen
Address: 1081, Hachimanya, Ito, Shizuoka
Telephone: +81-(0)557-54-4581

  • Hiro Gallery
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