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Super Window Project
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Published: September 21 2010

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Super Window Project is a production and diffusion structure operating in the field of visual arts, which was launched in December 2007 in Kyoto, Japan, by Baron Osuna. Super Window Project is housed in a modernism-inspired villa erected in 1975 that architecturally and symbolically combines western volumes and traditional Japanese rooms, which open up onto a dry garden. The villa hosts a project room, a viewing room, an office and "artist residency" activities. The off-the-beaten-track location on the hills at the town enhance emphasizes the impression of distance and isolation, also offering a perfect and peaceful environment to experience art. The programme challenges the activity and the relevance of the gallery as a surface and active creation tool. Born originally as a reflection think unit, Super Window Project invited a selection of contemporary European artists to work and exhibit within its walls, according to intellectual, aesthetic and personal like-mindedness, with the shared ambition to create tensions between specific contextual, geographical, historical and esthetical parameters, to set in motion the notions of distance and of isolation and to thus open up gaps or build bridges between various formal and conceptual poles. Next, the programme has been striving to place into perspective the beforehand choices made by collaborating with a selection of artists stemming from the new Japanese scene, whose practices renew those very conceptual and formal stances, as well as deconstruct and recompose the identity of an art too hastily stigmatised as "Japanese".

The programme numbers 3 to 6 projects and exhibitions yearly and is devised by echoes, resonances, drifts, associations and oppositions. Works, projects, exhibitions, on site or traveling, are often conceived with independent curators, private partners (Honda, Japan ; Muzz Program Space, Kyoto ; RAD, Kyoto ; Schilling Arkitekten, Cologne ; Galerie de Multiples, Paris) as well as institutions and public administrations (French Embassy in Japan, Tokyo ; Villa Kujoyama, Kyoto ; Manga Museum, Kyoto ; Pro Helvetia ; Swiss Embassy, Tokyo ; Goethe Institute ; Gwangju Biennale, Korea).

Architecture, space, structure, matter, form and artistic substance, identity, position and transmission are the active parameters of the gallery. Super Window Project represents Bouke de Vries (NL), Item Idem (F), Bernard Joisten (F), Guillaume Leingre (F), Perrine Lievens (F), Soshi Matsunobe (J), Mathieu Mercier (F), Aurélie Pétrel (F), Sandrine Pelletier (S), Takashi Suzuki (J), Morgane Tschiember (F).

Address: 385-10 Motoyama, Kamigamo, Kita-ku, Kyoto
Telephone: +81-(0)75-204-4098
URL: http://www.superwindowproject.com

Last Updated on September 23 2010

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