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The other side of Crazy RED
Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: November 29 2008

 copy right(c)2007 AMPG

 copy right(c)2007 AMPG
 copy right(c) 2007 AMPG
 copy right(c) 2007 AMPG

A red exhibition room created by red film pasted onto the windows and fluorescent lighting. Azuma arranged flowers in a drum and a toilet - something not usually used as a vase. Although improvised to be created today and disappear the next day, a record was kept of the artwork by taking Polaroid photos of it each day from a fixed-point and displaying these on the wall and on a monitor.

"Red emitted by plants is mysterious/ speaks much and inspires us much" The sentence in the concept sheet shows the "red" he tries to offer is not the usual "red" color but the "red emitted by plants", which must be noticed because we have learned the richness of the red color from flowers/plants. At least for those of us living in modern Japan, the first association with this red color is flowers/plants rather than blood. So we can understand the reason why he colored the room red this time - he returned the red color to its inspiration source, flowers/plants; he has tried to “reset” all the activity and direction of AMPG. In that sense, we see the red space as a womb for giving birth. It is not exaggerated. This must be the place of rebirth for him.

Artist: Makoto Azuma
Year: 2007
Genre: Installation
Owner: AMPG
Material: flowers, drum. toilet
Size: H890 x W567 x D567 (drum) x 2 W250 x D650 (toilet)
Note: AMPG 4th Exhibition (July 4th - 20th, 2007)
Exhibition style: three-dimensional work, movies (in the process of arrangement), Polaroid photo (Photographer: Shunsuke Shiinoki)
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