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Asleep or Awake
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: October 21 2008

Canvas panorama copy right(c)2008 Taimei Gallery

The artwork was produced in her second year of utilizing Dermatograph. Compared with the first one, the black is deeper, and has evolved into a strong and definite color. She removes the color by "dragging" with an eraser after painting black everywhere, then digs out the white, "the light". In an opposite process to the ballpoint artworks, she divides the white from the black.

As can be seen here, one of the characteristics of her Dermatograph artwork up until now has been the canvas size, which is much larger than that of the ballpoint works. Another characteristic is the intentional alignment on the black background, in contrast to the ballpoint composition full of characters.

Finally, the main characters are no longer half-human half-animal creatures, but complete "humans".

Artist: Makoto Kitagawa
Year: 2008
Genre: Painting
Material: Dermatograph on paper panel
Size: 150×80cm
Note: Dermatograph is a trademark by Mitsubishi Pencil. Image provided by GALERIE TAIMEI
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