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GARDEN 07-26
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Published: October 21 2008

Canvas panorama copy right(c)2007 Shinobazu Gallery

Produced with his original technique, "Intaglio on Photo”. To create a solid with wire, he soaks it the solid in plaster, takes photographs of it, and directly prints it on black-and-white printed photographic papers (baryta papers). He draws closely entangled plants using a neat pattern, which expresses dense vegetation, limitlessly chained by vines. An excellent artwork equipped with both decorative beauty and the power to remind us of the productive energy of plants.

Comment from the artist:
I have always felt and been concerned that the plants in medieval tapestries and Renaissance religious paintings are too minute, so that they appear flat and are different to reality. A picture that focused only on the plants at the feet of the angel in The Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci was used on a magazine cover. Flat plants used for designs in printing material become much flatter in visual, which inspired me to create this. (Information by Shinobazu Gallery)

Artist: Junji YAMADA
Genre: Printmaking
Owner: Shinobazu Gallery
Material: Intaglio on Photo
Size: 134×162
Note: ed. 3, A set of 4 panels.
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