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Published: January 30 2010

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Opened in March 1980 in Ginza 3-chome, Tokyo, Soko Gallery was added to the activity in Shinkiba in May 1991. Gallery YAMAGUCHI then integrated the two gallery spaces into one in Ginza 7-chome in August 1993. It then relocated to Kyobashi in August 1995. In January 2010, the gallery closed and ended its long and successful history.

In the two spaces on the first floor and the basement, Gallery YAMAGUCHI, as a project and a rental gallery of contemporary art, held mainly solo exhibitios of Japanese artists' paintings, sculpture, prints, photography, and installations. Artists ranged from emerging young to established artists. The gallery was recognised for its strong originality, refined sense of beauty, and the clear concept of direction. It was devoted to discovering and supporting emerging young artists, and with the aim of promoting them internationally.

The gallery also often held the exchange exhibition with other countries. Among the represented artists were Kakuzo Tatehata, Gyoji Nomiyama, Ushio Shinohara, Hisashi Momose, Kosai Momose, Atsuo Okamoto, Yoshiro Negishi, Yoshihisa Mizukami, Akiko Tsuda, Junya Koike, Chisato Sakaue, and Megumi Aoki.

Address: Kyoei Bldg.1F&B1F, 3-5-3 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: +81-(0)3-3564-6167
URL: http://www.galleryyamaguchi.net (Japanese)

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