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Perspectives of Contemporary Painting: 12 Horizons
Editor's Note
Written by Takeshi HIRATA   
Published: December 25 2009

The attempt to verify the view of modern paintings through several artists is not so new. However, it is an interesting trial that the artists’ works are exhibited from 2 different time aspects – the latest and the certain past point in 2 term exhibition.*1 This exhibition attempts to see the change and the difference of the work of "Those days" and "Recent", as like to see the new year by some changes on feelings though it is still on the line of everyday life. What changes in those days and recent day, and what doesn't change? Is it we or the society that changed? It made me feel like considering it.


※1  The 1st exhibition held from December 8 to February 7, the 2nd exhibition from February 9 to March 22.

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