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Yoko MATSUMOTO: Drawings - Regarding Living Beings
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: April 12 2010

"Regarding Living Beings" (2010) Charcol and pastel on paper, 66 x 100 cm Courtesy of the artist and hino gallery

Yoko Matsumoto (b. 1936) successfully established an original style of pink acrylic painting called "hazy paintings" in '80s. Afterwards, she looked back at oil painting once again and has been making pictures in green oils since 2005. About 50 of her works including oils, acrylics, drawings and water-colors were exhibited in "The Light: MATSUMOTO Yoko / NOGUCHI Rika" show at the National Art Center Tokyo in Roppongi, last year, 2009.
The exhibition at our gallery this time will present her recent drawings. Matsumoto's drawings have dynamism of charcoal, which partly turns to appear as looming sites on the paper, lightness of colors in pastel and loping lines across the surface. It is the fact that her drawings are inseparable from her oil or acrylic paintings, however, it stands as "picture" in its own right.
We hope that you will enjoy the polished drawings- pictures in our gallery.
* The text provided by hino gallery.

Last Updated on May 10 2010

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