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Published: November 17 2009

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eitoeiko debuted by participating in the 101TOKYO Art Fair in April 2009, and then in the Asian Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair held at the Grand Hyatt Seoul in South Korea in August of the same year. eitoeiko opened in September 2009 in a gallery space in Yaraicho in Kagurazaka, Tokyo where many culture?? People/people connected to the arts gather. There is also a cafe in the neighboring house (to be opened in January 2010), It is an art gallery which handles contemporary art work as well as fine art and novel. However, we also noticed the uniqueness of the ideas and high/advanced techniques represented amongst the exhibited works contrary to the impression received from word novelty.

The gallery and three-storey wooden dwelling were designed by Tadashi Yasui of Craft Science. The space with its high ceiling and the natural light shining in through a big window produces warmth with a sense of relief in this small space. eitoeiko irregularly opens the living room on the first floor to the public for events such as jazz concerts and exhibitions. The ceramic tiles made in Portugal surrounding the outer building were designed by Jun Shirasu.

Among the represented artists are Yuki Yoshikawa, Alex Ball, Megumi Takasugi, Shintaro Hidaka, Hitoshi Kato, Masaru Aikawa, Hideki Ishimoto, Jun Shirasu, and Nipporini.

Address: 32-2, Yaraicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: +81-(0)3-6479-6923
Open: 12:00 - 19:00, closed on Saturday, Sunday and National holiday
Website: http://eitoeiko.com (Japanese)

Last Updated on October 27 2015

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