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Ryuichiro ANDO / Moyoko INAGAKI: Jungle Project!! - Johnny come lately
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: March 26 2010

Ryuichiro ANDO; courtesy of the artist and MORI YU GALLERY copy right(c) Ryuichiro ANDO

Series exhibition to discover and introduce young talented aritsts.

Last Updated on March 27 2010

Editor's Note by Takeshi HIRATA

Exhibition by two young artists based in Kansai-district; Ryuichiro Ando who produces 2D work by batik, and Moyoko Inagaki who produces a collage with prints made by herself.
Ryuichiro Ando's painting gives a sense of calmness by the deep colors which support the instability produced by the horizontal and vertical swinging. However, it also shows a sense of animation-like coloring while using a classic technique, which gives us a sense of anacatesthesia. If it is possible, I want you to see it from a distance. I expect how this color gradation and density will be developed in the future. This is different from the work by Yukiko Nishiyama (entered in VOCA 2010) who also uses batik in the production. However, I see the new possibility in 2D art by these artists who progress the technique of batik to a 2D work.  Moyoko Inagaki’s work makes the best use of the blank in comparison with the colorful work by Ando. Inagaki first produces prints and then a collage by using them as if extending the lines. The lines cut out delicately and elaborately extend like wrinkles of the veins of a leaf or hand and the contour line in the map. It might be an attempt to liberate the lines out of what the print art predetermines though her work is based in the prints. It seems like a human body anatomy chart and shows her tricky concept in it. I am looking forward to see the whole content one day soon.

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