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Published: October 16 2009

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Opened in the corner of the warehouse area in Nanotsu, Fukuoka in December 2000, Sangosoko serves as a production space for young artists. Closed in April of 2011.

This place was offered by an anonymous benefactor living in Fukuoka who wishes to support culture development and who financially supports young artists there; a true story, like a modern version of “Daddy-Long-Legs". There are three studios on the first floor and two studios and an exhibition space on the second floor for artists who produce and exhibit their work. The studios are usually used as production spaces, but when a regular exhibition is held, it is opened to the public for viewing. It is a one of this gallery’s features to be able to observe the site of production while also viewing the exhibition itself. An artist, Sho Kazakura, took over as director between 2001 and 2007 and Tadaomi Sakai succeeded the position in 2008. Yumi Nagasaki is in charge of management. This is a place in which various kinds of people who share the same sentiments have come together and realized the establishment of this place through such volunteer work as redecorating the warehouse.

Studio members could be on the register, updated yearly for up to three years. The current members are; Kengo MINAMI, Tetsuya ARASE, Satoshi HIGASHIJIMA, Mitsue YAMAUCHI, and Maki HAMADA. Among the past members are; Takasumi ABE, Aya KAWAGUCHI, Maiko TAKADA, Shotetsu NARITA, Masaya HIRAOKA, Kanako MORITA, Maki NAGAMINE, Masayo TSUCHIYA, Shinsaku NAGAYAMA, Yuko YAMAZAKI, Marie YAMADA, Takashi JOUNO, Keiichiro TERAE, Satsuki MASUDA, Machiko YABE, Chinami OKI, and Song,Jun-Nam, Kyoko MIWA, and Yuri YOSHINAGA.

Address: 4-3-2 Nanotsu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Telephone: +81-(0)92-716-9393
Open: 12:00 - 19:00
Website: http://www.3gosoko.ne.jp/

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