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Published: March 10 2010

Courtesy of the artist and SOH GALLERY K3 copy right(c) DANIEL ROBERT

The first solo exhibition in this gallery by a German artist, based in Berlin, Daniel Robert , introduces mainly his photograph works.

The world seen from a dragonfly's eye might be just colorful but maybe a little more ? Perhaps a world as scientific as romantic even full of thoughts. To take color as vivid inspiration or pure emotion, moreover to hesitate for seconds to judge about it, might be an innocent and true moment in taking a photograph. A moment I won't see more than three or five meters away from my body, a switch into a "colorfly".

Light evokes shadow. It helps to understand what eyes might see. Less contrast in thinking might open a different point of view. From time to time strange things come together, pop up in mysterious color or vanish in shy grey. For this color seems like an anchor of curiosity. Daily to discover those shy gesters, noisy stories or moments of excitement animates for life – stay close dragonfly.

Daniel Robert Biography
BERLIN 2003 university degree in Idea-Design . focus clothes and textile
PARIS 2004 stylist at Studio Edelkoort . moods for "View On Colour" magazine
BERLIN 2005 assistant of Gregor Hohenberg . clothing and art photography
KYOTO 2007 Japan studies at Doshisha University . focus sociology
TOKYO 2008 artist union for "chios" poem . mood-book for textile and color
TOKYO 2008 artwork for "hini&.m" magazine . creativ direction by L.A Tomari
TOKYO 2009 kids art education . art workshops in English and Japanes
* The text provided by SOH GALLERY K3.

Last Updated on March 13 2010

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