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Chichu Art Museum
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Published: September 17 2009

Copyright © Naoshima Fukutake Art Museum Foundation

Founded in February of 2004 by the chairman of an education company "Benesse Corporation", Naoshima Fukutake Art Museum Foundation promotes various kinds of art projects centering on architecture and contemporary art in the Seto Inland Sea, including Chichu Art Museum, Inujima Art Project "Seirensho", and Naoshima Bath “I♥湯”. Its activities are highly regarded as demonstrated when it received the Mecenat Award of 2006, and the Building Contractors Society Award for Chichu Art Museum in 2007. Chichu Art Museum, designed by Tadao ANDO, is a remarkable building in which the natural light is caught even though it the museum is in a basement, and the entire building is like an artistic production. Works by Claude Monet, Walter de Maria, and James Turrell are permanently exhibited there. Inujima Art Project "Seirensho" was opened in April of 2008, designed by Hiroshi Sambuichi, as one of the "33 Heritage Constellations of Industrial Modernization" by the Japanese Ministry of Economy. In addition, it introduced a new methodology for an environmental system incorporating planting trees, with the cooperation of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology at Okayama University. Designed by Shinro Ohtake, Naoshima Bath “I♥湯” is an art facility that is also a functioning public bath. It thus promotes the physical health of local residents and works as a meeting point for visiting tourists from inside and outside the country. Ohtake used his original method of only using scrap in all features of both its interior and its exterior, right down to the tanks and fixtures, and the earthenware of the rest room.

Address: 3449-1 Naoshima, Kagawa-gun
Telephone: +81-(0)87-892-3755
URL: http://www.benesse-artsite.jp/en/

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