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Small Paintings
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Published: February 04 2010

Yusuke Asai "New Stroll" (2010); h.27.5 × w.20.0 cm, ink and pen on paper, courtesy of the artist and ARATANIURANO copy right(c) Yusuke ASAI

ARATANIURANO is pleased to announce "Small Paintings," a group exhibition featuring paintings and drawings by four artists: Yusuke Asai, Keiji Izumi, Youichi Umetsu, Mana Konishi. Yusuke Asa i does not limit h is venues for expression and aspires to create dynamic exhibitions. Last year, he made installations using soil, masking tape, pen and other materials for domestic and overseas exhibitions and projects, such as the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial and "City_net Asia" (Seoul Museum of Art). Furthermore, he was awarded the Ohara Museum of Ar t Award at the VOCA, a gateway to success for young artists' paintings. New works by Yusuke Asai, which are drawn on a paper base, will be presented. Keiji Izumi 's humorous sculptures in corporate natural elements such as water falls and tornadoes or sci-fi world elements such as UFOs and make them one with humans. He will be presenting unreleased new drawings. Although these pieces are related a sketches for his sculptural works, they show Keiji Izumi's multi-tiered worldview with his unrestricted and free-spirited expression that almost overturns the image of his precisely carved sculptures. Youichi Umetsu, who presented metalpoint works in his solo exhibition last year, will be presenting his new paintings. He extracts motifs from art histor y and his daily life to express a unique painting world through his delicate and colorful brushstrokes. Mana Konishi has not only been working on landscapes but also portraits in recent years. Concurrent to creating dynamic large paintings, she has been creating small paintings that capture images through lively brushstrokes. Her unreleased small painting works will be on display. We look forward to introducing these works that capture each artist's unique approach and expression within small pieces. * The text provided by ARATANIURANO.

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