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Toshiyuki KONISHI: One as All
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Published: December 15 2009

”Untitled" (2009); h.130.3 x w.89.4cm, oil on canvas, courtesy of the artist and ARATANIURANO

Figures portrayed by Toshiyuki Konishi (born 1980 in Hiroshima) have red eyes, nose and mouth, with white hair. Redacting all information needed to determine a particular individual and using unique wavering brushstrokes, these portraits persistently evoke viewers' imaginations. Konishi is a young painter who actively participates in many exhibitions. Last year, using a museum's cafe area to resemble a theater, Konishi displayed oil paintings and drawings with a large painting (194 x 260 cm) as the centerpiece (New Artist Picks / Toshiyuki Konish "Living for a Thousand Years", Yokohama Museum of Art). This year, he has participated in the "Emotional Drawing" exhibit (SOMA Museum of Art, Seoul) and "VOCA 2009̶The Vision of Contemporary Art" (Ueno Royal Museum). For his much-awaited second solo show, the chosen keyword is "One as All," a phrase coined by Konishi to represent his current state of mind and derived from the Eastern philosophy of "One in all, all in one". Through this keyword, one can discern the artist's commitment to directly take on the academic painting method of "portraits" while striving to reach a universalistic expression that houses various elements such as color, shape, quality, and structure in each stroke of the brush. In this exhibition, a portrait of a figure holding a brush that seemingly symbolizes the artist himself will be displayed, along with about 10 new pieces. * The text provided by ARATANIURANO.

Last Updated on December 19 2009

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