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gallery αM
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Published: May 27 2009

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“gallery αM” was opened in Kichijoji, Tokyo in 1988 as a non-profit gallery managed by Musashino Art University. The “α” of the gallery’s name “αM” implies “countless” and “M” refers to the initial of Musashino Art University. It was closed in March, 2002 though it aimed at discovering and introducing young contemporary artists, and has held exhibitions featuring them. From 2002, it restarted its activities as “αM project” managed by the students of Musashino Art University, College of Art and Design, and held an exhibition without a specific space.

In April, 2009, gallery αM reopened a gallery space in Higashi-Kanda, Tokyo, with 2 aims; one was to offer a chance of showing the work of young artists who are inventing new forms of expression while continuing the current αM activity; the other was to demonstrate the skills of a talented curator who could introduce novel values to society. It should be noted that it has held 157 project exhibitions in total by 15 guest curators during the 20 years since it began. This is different to conventional art activities that mostly give priority to commercial operations but support the social system of art from the base. The galley has a 4m high-ceiling and a 100㎡ space in the basement of building. There is a library where materials on artists and αM’s activities can be freely viewed.

Among the curators who contributed to αM's exhibition of in the past are Arata Tani, Kan Akatsu, Osamu Takagi, Naoyuki Takashima, Yasushi Kurabayashi, Teruo Fujieda, Takuyuki Hayashi, Motoaki Hori, Ryu Niimi, Yayoi Kojima, Aomi Okabe, Yoshio Kato, Akihiko Takami, and Fumihiko Sumitomo. Among the artists exhibited in the past are Yukinori Yanagi, Noe Aoki, Kyotaro Hakamata, Soutaro Ide, Masao Tachi, Makoto Ito, Tadasu Yamamoto, Toshinao Kikuchi, Tetsuya Yoshida, Hiraku Koreeda, Hisao Matsuura, Ryoko Kawashima, Yoshiou Sakagishi, Naoyo Fukuda, and Taiyo Kimura.

Address: Agata Takezawa Bldg. B1F, 1-2-11, Higashi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: +81-(0)3-5829-9109
Open: 11:00 - 19:00, closed on Sunday, Monday, and national holidays
Website: http://www.musabi.ac.jp/gallery/(Japanese)

Last Updated on February 01 2011

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