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Surface of Window:slow and tense atmosphere 2009
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: November 30 2009

(C) Masahiro AMANO

The exhibition title "Surface of Window" indicates a reflected surface on a glass pane. The surface represents one's spirituality, and the external world seen through the window represents society. The exhibited works explore the artists' relationship between spirituality and society through diverse contemporary expressions. Majority of the exhibited works are photography, however, works that pertain to the concept of photography, though expressed in different media, will also be on display. The exhibition is part of a ten-year project (composed of biennial exhibitions) based on the theme "slow and tense atmosphere," which alludes to the location of Kyoto and its sense of spirituality. From this city, the project aims to introduce contemporary artists and their artistic movement to an international audience. The first exhibition of this project will feature works by artists mostly from Japan and Korea, along with participants from Belgium, Switzerland and Malaysia. Artists
Andreas Georg Kressig, Changkyum KIM, Eiko SHIMOZONO, Don HA, Dongwook KIM, Emi FUKUYAMA, Hongsoon PARK, Izuru MIZUTANI, Jeauk KANG, JuiChen TAN, Kanako NISHIGAKI, Kiriko SHIROBAYASHI, Masahiro AMANO, Sarah Van Marcke, Seiko OKA, Seishi NAKATA, Tadashi HAYASHI, and Yoshiaki KITA. * The text provided by Project NoA.

Last Updated on December 02 2009

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