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Etsuko Yamagami | now and everywhere
Published: November 13 2022

Etsuko Yamagami "karst" 803x1303mm oil on canvas 2022

About 8 years ago, I saw a TV documentary about rock salt and salt caves in the Zagros Mountains in Iran, which led to my interest in minerals, landforms, and geology. I saved photos I took while traveling, images I found on the internet, pictorial books,newspapers, photos from in-flight magazines, etc. on my smartphone, and I chose the place I wanted to paint. Some of them I have never been to and some of them I have been to. There are paintings that are abstracted, and there are also paintings that you can understand what it is. Don't care about it, I want to paint while valuing colors and rhythms carefully. -Etsuko Yamagami


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Period: November 5,2022 (Sat) 〜 November 20,2022 (Sun)
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Closed: monday, tuesday
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