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Tabaimo: DANMEN
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Published: November 04 2009

Tabaimo, danDAN (image), 2009, Video Installation, Courtesy the Artist and Gallery Koyanagi

In Japanese Kitchen, Japanese Commuter Train, public conVENience, and more, the contemporary artist Tabaimo drew animated videos of the fragmentary landscape of contemporary Japanese culture, and with them composed three dimensional installations. The results of her work gained Tabaimo international acclaim. Right after her debut, in 2001, Tabaimo entered the first Yokohama Trienniale as the youngest participating artist. Ten years later, Tabaimo returns to Yokohama with five new video installations to open her largest solo exhibition yet.

As she enters her mid thirties, Tabaimo’s upcoming exhibition exhibits a theme informed by a personal sense of generations, a personal world view. Tabaimo’s early work juxtaposed common images of contemporary life. In more recent years, her work has become more introverted, as she adopted a motif that included fingers, hair, and internal organs. In the upcoming exhibition, this world around Tabaimo is symbolized in the shape of a housing complex. In rooms of the exact-same floor-plan, different lives unfold. Like inserting a kitchen knife, Tabaimo cuts open a DANMEN (cross-section) of the housing complex, and various lives are carved out in a harmonious union of past and present. Step foot into the flow of raw images of people and nature, connected in Tabaimo’s profound creative world.

Many events during the exhibition will diversely present Tabaimo’s world. In addition to talk events, other creators of Tabaimo’s generation, including a dancer, a musician, and a theater group will collaborate in live dance and theatrical performances. Please enjoy Tabaimo’s DANMEN of the world as she enters her tenth year of creativity.

Born 1975 in Hyogo, Tabaimo lives and works in Nagano. She graduated in 1999 from the Kyoto University of Arts and Design. Her graduation work, Japanese Kitchen, an animated video installation, gained first place in the 1999 Kirin Contemporary Award. In 2001, she was the youngest artist to enter the first Yokohama Triennale with Japanese Commuter Train. She has been involved in many international exhibitions and group exhibitions, including the 25th Bienal de São Paulo, the 2006 Biennale of Sydney, and the Venice Biennale 2007’s Italian pavilion. Tabaimo has gained recognition as a leading Japanese video installation artist. In 2006, she held a solo exhibition at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, and another solo exhibition in Paris at the Foundation Cartier pour l’art contemporain. The current exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art is her first solo exhibition in a public Japanese museum.

* The text provided by Yokohama Museum of Art.

Last Updated on December 11 2009

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