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Cherry Blossom Party
Published: March 28 2021

Okamoto Mitsuhiro, Sakura/Shill - Japanese Akane, 2021

Cherry Blossom Party
Okamoto Mitsuhiro, Yoko Nakamura, Kaoru Furuya, Jun Homma, Ahmed Mannan, Katsuro Yoshida and Yuki Yoshida
April 17 - May 15, 2021

eitoeiko is pleased to announce the second edition of seven artists exhibition Cherry Blossom Party. The inaugural cherry blossom viewing party in Shinjuku Gyoen park had been hosted by the Prime Minister of Japan, from 1952. However, from 2020 the government has decided not to be held. The exhibition reminisces the previous party with various aspects of cherry blossoms and celebrates the vintage and authentic Japanese sense of beauty.

Manifesto for Cherry Blossom Party
Ei Kibukawa, director of eitoeiko, January 21, 2021

By reason of the cancellation of Cherry Blossom Party in Reiwa 2 at Shinjuku Gyoen, we got back the party from the political corruption and we succeed in releasing it to the art world. However, there was another enemy approaching. The name is a COVID-19. We had to fight both of the common enemies. The emergence of the new enemy reminds me of the lyrics of a song, Attack of Titan part 1 and 2, such as, I wanted to believe that there would not be further Hell. A sequence of the misfortunes in the government continued that they announced the next prime minister with his greeting, konnnichiwa Ga-Su desu. Everyone who have a mind felt a huge void in the mind. Even if the world were filled with boring interior arts, I don’t want that the art people accepts it all. I don’t forget the name of Toshio Akagi*.

As long as there are corrupt politicians, there will be rock, because rock is dedicated to throwing shit at all those corrupt politicians.
Alex Lora (BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America/ Netflix)

*Toshio Akagi (1963-2018)Officer of Ministry of Finance in Kinki. Akagi was ordered to examination of the command of the alteration of the official document, and he killed himself with a will and a note in March 7, 2018

Okamoto Mitsuhiro
B.1968, Kyoto. Received MA Shiga University, 1994. Cerebration, Stary Browar, Poznan, Poland and Rohm Theatre Kyoto, 2019, Bishojo, MonTUE, Taipei, 2019, After Freedom of Expression, Aichi Triennial, 2019, The Shape of Things to Come, Aoyama Gakuin University, 2019, Art with Emperor, KUNST ARZT, eitoeiko, 2020, Cherry Blossom Party, eitoeiko, 2020, Okinawan Steak, curated by Takeshi Kudo, eitoeiko, 2021, MUNI, Hole in the Wall, Tokyo, 2021

Yoko Nakamura
B.1950, Ishikawa. Received BA Toyoko Gakuen Women’s College (Tokyo City University), 1971. Amabiki, 2006-19, WOMAN POWER, Hanjeon Art Center, Seoul, 2009, Lecture in Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture, 2012, Auspicious Celebration of Lives, OPAM, 2016, House on the Sea, with Ryo Kato, Toki Art Space, 2018, The Shape of Things to Come, Aoyama Gakuin University, 2019

Kaoru Furuya
B.1991, Tokyo. Received MA Musashino Art University, 2016. Studied at VDA, Lithuania, 2016-17. Transitions, China Printmaking Museum, Shenzen, 2015, Sint-Niklaas Printmaking Biennial, SteM Zwijgershoek, 2017, Shibuya Awards, Bunkamura wall gallery, Tokyo, 2017, Takeru Amano award, Aomori Triennial, Aomori, 2018, SICF19, Spiral, Tokyo, 2018, Salon des Beaux-Arts, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, 2018, Forest of Monster Owl, eitoeiko, 2019, Yurayura Manimani Kirakira, bonon kyoto, eitoeiko, 2021

Jun Homma
B.1967, Tokyo. Received BA Tama Art University, 1990. Studied in Berlin by the program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists, Agency for Cultural Affairs, 2019. Setouchi Triennial 2013, Unnamed country, TRAUMARIS/SPACE, 2015, Air Real, Kawaguchi Civic Art Gallery Atria , Saitama, 2017, Portrait of erosion, Rangoli Metro Art Center, Bangalore, 2018, Teshikaga Gokkan Art Festival, 2018, Landscape of Erosion, GlogauAIR Showcase gallery, Berlin, 2019, Chennai Photo Biennial, 2019, I saw a landscape, void+, 2020

Ahmed Mannan
B.2000, Osaka. Study in Tokyo University of the Arts. UGO Festival 2020, Shin-Okubo UGO, 2020, 〻〻〻〻, TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY, 2020, Wrapped Amplitude, Yotsuya Mikakunin Studio, 2021

Katsuro Yoshida
B.1943, Saitama and died in 1999, Kanagawa. Received BA Tama Art University, 1968. Studied in London by the program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists, Agency for Cultural Affairs, 1973. Professor of Musashino Art University, 1997-99. Mono-ha Reconsidering, NMAO, 2005, MOT collection, art after 1960s, MOT, 2006, Requiem for the Sun: The Art of Mono-ha, Blum&Poe, 2012, Group Genshoku and Ishiko Junzo 1960-1971, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, 2014, DECODE: Events & Materials, The Work of Art in the Age of Post-Industrial Society, MoMAS, Saitama, 2019

Yuki Yoshida
B.1971, Kanagawa. Received MA Tama Art University, 1997. Studied at UCL Slade School of Fine Art, London, 2000 by Goto Foundation Scholarship. Lecturer of Musashino Art University, 2016-21, From Japanese Art to Japanese Art, MOT, 2006, Tides of Art, Bunkamura the Museum, 2010, Chaos and Cosmos, Fei Art Museum, Talk with Space, Kamakura Drawing Gallery, Look for the Silver Lining, 2020, Somewhere the Sun Shines, bonon kyoto, META, Kamakura Kenmin Hall Gallery, Tamabi DNA - A Genealogy of Contemporary Nihonga, Japanese Paintings Since 1965, Art Theque Gallery, 2021


Information Provided by: eitoeiko

Period: April 17,2021 (Sat) 〜 May 15,2021 (Sat)
Hours: 12pm-7pm
Closed: Monday, Sunday and National holidays
Venue: eitoeiko

Last Updated on May 13 2021

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