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Yurayura Manimani Kirakira
Published: March 13 2021

Kaoru Furuya, Black Cat, 2020

eitoeiko is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition by Kaoru Furuya with eitoeiko. Kaoru Furuya (b.1991) received her MA from Musashino Art University in 2016, and then she studied in VDA, Lithuania, 2016-17. Furuya went around EU to research children books designed by Dick Bruna, as well as Nordic interiors, architectures and textiles. Furuya is deeply influenced by these simple and established designs in Europe. In the other hand, Her family run an ancient Japanese shrine in Yamaguchi prefecture and she gets familiar with the theory and ideology of Shintoism. Juxtaposing both of the religious ideas of the West and the Japanese, the artist makes the forms of the objects based in her impartiality. Furuya handles the delicate complications about the boundary between subject and object , the boundary between art and design, the boundary between art and non-art, with her vision to the chaotic world. In the exhibition the artist shows her prints, cut-out paper works, ceramics, and others. Please wearing your mask and enter her world of kawaii.


Information Provided by: eitoeiko

Period: March 13,2021 (Sat) 〜 April 3,2021 (Sat)
Hours: 12pm-7pm
Closed: Monday, Sunday and National holidays
Venue: eitoeiko

Last Updated on March 13 2021

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