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IIJIMA Momoyo Recovery room - Mashimashi inetsuru kamo -
Published: February 09 2021

(Detail of the new work) Typha angustifolia pollen, moth, gut string, steel board

Galerie Tokyo Humanité is pleased to announce IIJIMA Momoyo's solo exhibition entitled Recovery room - Mashimashi inetsuru kamo -. "Mashimashi inetsuru kamo" is a passage quoted from Iyonokuni Fudoki Itsubun, records of the culture and geography of Ina Province (present day Ehime Prefecture, Japan) written in the 8th century. It is said that Sukunahiko, the god of medicine and hot spring in Japanese mythology, said these words when he recovered from a severe illness after soaking in Dogo Hot Spring, meaning "it feels like I was asleep for a while". Iijima named her new installation art "Recovery room" and presents a subtle relationship between illness and recovery using music composed based on brain waves of a brain convulsion patient, a physical phenomenon of a pendulum, and sculptures made of Japan wax and wood.

Iijima (b. 1982) studied sculpture in Joshibi University of Art and Design and received her PhD in art in 2011. Her recent exhibition history includes solo exhibitions in gallery αM (2014, Tokyo), Shiseido Gallery (2015, Tokyo), and group exhibition FINE ART / UNIVERSITY SELECTIONxSELECTION (2016, O Art Museum, Tokyo).


Information Provided by: Galerie Tokyo Humanité

Period: February 8,2021 (Mon) 〜 February 27,2021 (Sat)
Hours: 10:30-18:30
Closed: Sunday&Holiday
Venue: Galerie Tokyo Humanité

Last Updated on February 08 2021

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